ImageCat is an international risk management innovation company supporting the global risk and catastrophe management needs of the insurance industry, governments and NGOs. As a leading provider of risk and disaster management technologies, ImageCat is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, services, and R&D activities, targeting decision support needs at all phases of the disaster management cycle.

ImageCat provides exposure data services ranging from data development to data profiling and augmentation. We have developed multi-resolution exposure data products across the globe and led exposure development activities for the Global Earthquake Model.

Our post-disaster response products provide an evidenced-based assessment of damage and impact, ranging from flood boundary extents to damage classification and ground-up loss assessment for earthquakes. We have responded to over 40 major disasters including the 2011 Japan tsunami; Haiti, Chile and Christchurch earthquakes; US hurricanes (including Katrina and Sandy). Our post-event data is available exclusively in Inhance.

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